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Which Material Is Used For Drawing Parts
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Commonly used in the stretching of sheet metal are cold rolled sheets, aluminum sheets, and stainless steel sheets. Below we analyze it from three aspects.

1. Mold cost: 1. Aluminum plate drawing die Because the plate is soft, the requirements on the die material are not so harsh, so the mold manufacturing cost is the lowest. 2. The comprehensive performance of the stretched cold-rolled sheet is very good, and the number of stretching can be appropriately reduced in the process of manufacturing the part. Mold production costs are centered. 3. Because of the speciality of the plate, stainless steel has high requirements on the selection of mold materials and the heat treatment hardness of the mold. So the cost of the mold is the highest.

2. Production cost of the product 1. Since the cold-rolled sheet can reduce the stretching process, the selection of the lubricating oil, the stretching speed and the stretching equipment are wide, and the production cost is low. 2. The tensile strength of the aluminum plate is low, and the production cost of the sheet film is moderate in the stretching process due to the limitation of the stretching speed and the number of stretching times. 3. Stainless steel, especially for multiple stretch forming parts, requires the internal stress of the part to be eliminated in the middle of the process, and the bright annealing treatment is required. The parts are also cleaned before annealing. The production cost is the highest.

3. Surface treatment cost: 1. Surface treatment of cold-rolled sheet tensile parts is electrophoresis, spray painting, dusting, and electroplating treatment costs are relatively low.

2. The surface treatment of aluminum plate tensile parts is more anodized after drawing, and also used for painting and dusting, depending on where the product parts are used. 3. Stainless steel tensile parts are generally used for high-grade products, to be brushed or mirror polished. There are also electrolytic polishing or electroplating decorative titanium. The cost is also relatively high. In general, the cost of selecting the stretched piece of stainless steel sheet (material SUS304.SUS201.SUS430) is very high, which is about twice the price difference of the finished products of other sheet parts. However, in order to improve the grade of the products, especially the fierce competition in the market in recent years, customers have chosen more and more stretched parts of stainless steel materials.