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What Does Automobile Bulb H1H4H7 Mean?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

H1, H4 and H7 are three different types of bulbs. These three kinds of bulbs have halogen and xenon lamps.

H1 is a junction terminal, grounded by a bulb housing, H4 is three junction terminals are dual filament far and near light, H7 is two junction terminals

Xenon lamp is divided into eight types according to the form of bulb: far-light lamp with lens, near-light lamp with lens (the above two kinds of lamp are generally used in the original Xenon lamp system such as pst, audi, etc.) H1 (far-light bulb), H3 and H11 (fog lamp), H4 (far-and-near light bulb), H7 (near-light bulb), 9005 and 9006 (mainly solar car)

H1 is suitable for Audi A6 Series, Ford Series, Modern Series, Buick Junwei, Kaiyue, Passat, Ma 3, Ma 6, Range, Nissan Sunshine, Honda Odyssey, etc.

H7 applicable models for the Audi A6 series, Ford series, modern series, Buick Junwei, Kaiyue, Passat, Ma 3 and other low-light lamps

9005 suitable for Subaru leopard, accord series, Grand Cherokee, TOYOTA, Camry 2.4, NISSAN demeanor, etc.

9006 suitable for accord, TOYOTA corolla, NISSAN style, etc.

Many types of car lights have H4 in one bulb, such as Cheetah, Pajero, Sang 2000, Jetta, Bora, Saio and so on.