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Lamp Holder Classification
- Feb 08, 2019 -

The lamp holder (head) at the beginning of E is a common screw socket. It is the most commonly used lamp holder (lamp head). The back number represents the size of the lamp head. E27 is the incandescent lamp head we usually use. The E14 is smaller than the E27. E40 is bigger than E27. 85W energy-saving lamps usually have E27 and E40 heads, which are generally called small head energy-saving lamps and big-head energy-saving lamps.
The lamp holder (lamp head) at the beginning of GU is the bayonet type used in our daily life, where G means that the lamp head type is plug-in type, U means the lamp head part is U-shaped, and the back number means the lamp foot hole center distance (unit is mm "mm" "), such as GU10.
The lamp holder (lamp head) at the beginning of MR is a common lamp holder for in-line partial illumination spotlights. This type of spotlight usually has two pins for easy installation. For example, MR16, in the lighting industry, refers to a luminaire with a multi-faceted reflector with a maximum outer diameter of 2 inches.
MRMR (MultifaceReflect) refers to multi-faceted reflection (light cup), the latter number indicates the diameter of the lamp cup (unit is 1 / 8 inches), for example, the MR16 has a diameter of 16 × 1 / 8 = 2 inches, about 50 mm.
PAR lamps are also called downlights, which illuminate the beam. They are usually used for stage lighting, dynamic color change, etc. They are common lamps on the stage. These lamps generally consume large amounts of electricity and have high temperatures, and are now gradually replaced by LED lights.
At the beginning of the AR is an aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlight.
G12 is a single-ended tubular metal halide bulb.