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H7 Lamp Base H4 Lamp Base Difference
- Oct 26, 2018 -

H4 bulbs have high wattage power (usually 55w/60w), which is much better than M5 (H6) in lighting effects. For early domestic cars, models with glass shades such as wolves, FZ, etc. Both use H4. In recent years, advances in materials technology, plastic lamp housings also have good high temperature tolerance, so in recent years, many plastic lamp housings also use H4 lamp sets. Since H4 is also a common specification for automobiles, there are many choices of light bulbs, so many riders will also change the M5 (H6) lamps to H4 in exchange for better lighting effects.

Recently, many single-lamp 125 models are equipped with H4 headlights, such as SYM Z1 125.

And some models with a large displacement above the public upgrade, because the power generation system is enough to afford high-power headlights, will use the design of the double H4 light bulb (110w near the light to open), in the evening is really the same level as the car Lighting effect.

Like the large displacement of the 1400GTR, it is a dual H4 specification that can have a car-like photo effect.


There is only one set of filaments in the H7 size bulb, so it is not possible to have both far and near lights, unless the lens is zoomed by lens. The H7 base is a single lug design to determine the direction of installation of the lamp, but because there is only one set of filaments, there are only two pins, positive and negative, and the power is connected by plug.

H7 and H4 are also used in cars. Most of them are used in the close-up lights of European cars. In the locomotive part, they are used in large-scale heavy machines. Usually, two sets of H7 are responsible for the remote and near lights. On the road, I saw the one-eyed dragon headlight design and the heavy-duty vehicle using the halogen bulb, basically using the H7 specification. Recently, the domestically produced models have also begun to use the H7. Because it is the same as the H4, it is also a common choice for cars.