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Current Status And Development Trend Of High Speed Precision Stamping Die
- Dec 19, 2018 -

In recent years, China's mold production and sales have continued to rise, private enterprises have emerged constantly, the entry of famous foreign companies and capital has promoted the rapid development of the mold industry, China has become a veritable mold production country. However, from the perspective of mold production and demand, although the middle and low-end molds have been fully self-sufficient, the self-sufficiency rate of high-tech molds, which are mainly represented by large-scale, precise, high-efficiency and high-performance molds, is still low, only about 60%. A large part still depends on imports. Therefore, improving the overall technical level of China's mold enterprises, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promoting the optimization of the mold industry structure are still the top priorities of the Chinese mold industry.

Stamping dies mainly include multi-station and multi-function stamping dies, auto-covering dies and fine-punching dies. Here, the current status and development of precision multi-station and multi-function stamping dies are explained.


The representative of advanced multi-station and multi-function stamping die mainly includes precision multi-station progressive die, precision multi-station punching transfer die, precision multi-function stamping die and so on. Among them, the precision multi-station progressive die occupies the status of mainstream products. The advanced precision multi-station progressive die mainly includes motor core silicon steel sheet progressive die, air conditioner fin progressive die, integrated circuit lead frame progressive die, electronic connector progressive die, color tube electron gun part progressive die, Auto parts progressive die, home appliance parts progressive die.

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