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Consequences Of Improper Operation Of Metal Drawing Parts
- Oct 26, 2018 -

The following problems are easily caused by improper operation of metal drawing parts.

(1) High yield point, high hardness, (stainless steel tensile parts) cold work hardening effect is obvious, easy to appear cracks and other shortcomings.

(2) thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, high blanking force and deep drawing force.

(3) plastic deformation is severe hardening when drawing, and the sheet is easy to wrinkle or drop.

(4) the drawing die is easy to show the appearance of adhesive tumor, causing severe scratches on the outer diameter of the parts.

(5) when drawing, it is difficult to achieve the desired shape.

The selection of stainless steel tensile parts is the reason for stainless steel as raw material. Nowadays, the most common and widely used stainless steel tensile parts are on the market. Simple, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, not easy to aging, not easy to corrode, do not absorb oil, do not absorb water, do not hide dirt, do not produce odor, is incomparable with other raw materials.

As far as raw steel is concerned, the best steel plates in the period are mainly DQ304 type plates produced in Germany and Japan. It is characterized by demagnetization, no magnetism, 18% nickel and 10% chromium. Secondly, there is no demagnetization of the AIS 304 steel plate, there are 403, 302 and other different types of prices are also very different.