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6 Major Automotive Stamping Parts Inspection Methods
- Oct 26, 2018 -

1.Touch test

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze. The inspector is required to wear a touch glove to touch the stamped surface along the longitudinal direction of the stamping. This method of inspection depends on the inspector's experience. When necessary, oil stone can be used to polish and detect the suspected area, but this method is an effective and quick method.

2. Oil test

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze. Then use a clean brush to evenly apply oil to the entire outer surface of the stamping in the same direction. The oil-coated stampings are placed under strong light and it is recommended that the stamped parts be placed in the body position. With this method, it is easy to find tiny pittings, ponds, and corrugations on the stampings.

3. Polishing of flexible gauze

Wipe the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze. The surface of the stamping part is sanded to the entire surface in a longitudinal direction by a flexible sand net, and any pitting and indentation can be easily found.

4. Oilstone polishing

(1) First wipe the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze, then sand with oil stone (20×20×100mm or larger), place with arc and hard to wear with relatively small oil stone. (Example: 8×100mm semi-circular oilstone)

(2) The choice of particle size depends on the surface condition (eg roughness, galvanizing, etc.). Fine-grained oilstone is recommended. The direction of the stone grinding is basically in the longitudinal direction, and it fits well with the surface of the stamping part, and some special places can also complement the lateral grinding.

5. Visual inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used to find the appearance abnormalities and macro defects of stamping parts.

6. Inspection tool inspection

Put the stamping parts into the inspection tool and test the Nanpi stamping parts according to the operation requirements of the inspection tool manual.