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What are the advantages of metal stampings?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Metal stampings are one type of metal stampings for automobiles. These stampings vary greatly in size, weight and environment. However, in the production and use process, this type of stamping parts occupies a high position in the field of automotive stamping parts by virtue of their unique characteristics.

In addition, the metal stamping parts are processed differently depending on the environment and purpose of use, but in general, painting, plating or phosphating are common treatment types.

In general, metal stampings can be manufactured in a room temperature environment. The stampings are mainly produced by using steel or non-ferrous metals as raw materials in the production, and in the process of making such stampings. The mold used is also made using this material. Through these pre-made molds, plus the pressure effect of the press, the stampings are produced in accordance with the shape of the execution.

Although there are different types of machining or plastic working in the process of making automobile stamping parts, the processing technology used in the process of making metal stamping parts has many aspects, both economically and in terms of ease of operation. Features.

First of all, in the process of making metal stamping parts, the operator can use mechanized equipment for production, or can use automatic production, so that the stamping parts can be guaranteed in production, the products are more in line with the standard, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. In the production of such stampings, the press can produce a stamping product in one operation, and different presses are used, and the number of stampings produced per unit time is different. Ordinary presses can produce dozens of stamped parts per minute, but a better performance high speed press can produce hundreds or thousands of stamped parts per minute.

The molds used in the production of metal stampings are made of high-quality materials, which ensures that the molds will last longer in use. These molds are strictly limited in terms of size, size, and roughness of the surface. Therefore, in the process of making stampings, it is possible to ensure that the stamping skills are strictly in accordance with the parameters, and the surface of the stampings can be ensured. It will not be damaged, and now the modular production is used in the mold, and the parts are easily replaced after the damage occurs.