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The selection of automotive stamping parts needs attention
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Auto stampings, as the name implies, are metal stampings that make up automotive parts. In the automotive stamping parts, some of them are directly turned into auto parts after being stamped, and the other part is subjected to welding, machining, or painting after being stamped to become auto parts. There are many kinds of automobile stamping parts, such as automobile shock absorber stamping spring tray, spring seat, spring bracket, end cover, cover, compression valve cover, compression valve sleeve, oil seal seat, bottom cover, dust cover, impeller, oil Tubes, ears, brackets, etc. are all automotive stampings.

A large number of cold stamping processes are used in the production of automotive stamping parts to meet the needs of multi-variety and mass production of automotive stamping parts. In medium and heavy-duty vehicles, most of the coverings such as body panels, and some load-bearing and supporting parts such as frames, cars and other automotive parts are automotive stampings. The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel plate and steel strip, accounting for 72.6% of the total steel consumption of the whole vehicle. The relationship between cold stamping materials and automobile stamping parts production is very close. The quality of the material not only determines the performance of the product, but also directly affects the performance. The process design of the automotive stamping process affects the quality, cost, service life and production organization of the product, so the rational selection of materials is an important and complicated task.