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Stamping Die Standard Parts Industry in China
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Stamping die standard parts are an important part for the die, the die base. It reduce the die design and manufacturing cycle, reduce die production costs, improve quality of die have a very important technical and economic sense. Foreign industrial countries, experience has shown that standard die of specialized production and commercialization of supply, which greatly promoted the development of stamping die industry. 

According to foreign stamping die, widely used standard parts can shorten the design and manufacturing cycles by up to 25-40%; can save as a user-made standard parts caused by the social working hours, reducing the waste of raw materials and energy; can die CAD / CAM and other modern technologies lay the foundation for the application; can significantly improve the precision die manufacturing and performance. Usually specialized production of standard parts made of standard parts than its position with the precision and accuracy will increase by at least an order of magnitude, and to ensure interchangeability and improve the life of the stamping die, thus contributing to the economic system within the industry, and industry structure and operation mechanism production management reforms, specialization and large-scale production, and promote the standard die formation and development of commodity markets. Can be said that there is no standard die of specialization and commercialization, there is no die industry modernization.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's stamping die industry, die parts standardization, specialization and commercialization, has a high level, has made considerable progress. Die standard parts of the research, development and production is fully expanded in-depth, both product types, varieties, specifications, or technical performance and quality levels have improved significantly. Die Network CEO said that the die level is still relatively low, the optimistic estimate of less than 30%, and foreign industrial countries (70-80%) compared to, there is a big gap.

Although manufacturers are now producing sales increases every year, but most are small, outdated equipment, backward technology, high cost and low efficiency. Only small and medium sized ordinary standard die, guide posts, guide sleeve, putting, die springs, pneumatic components and other products, a higher degree of commercialization, can basically meet domestic market demand, and some exports. And those with high technological content, advanced structure, excellent performance, quality, convenient replacement with personalized products, such as ball-lock quick-change punch and fixed panels, solid lubrication guide and bushes, wedge and their parts , high-grade die  standard parts and nitrogen gas springs and other main producers in the country very little.


So, still need to be imported from abroad each year a considerable number of stamping die standard parts, the cost of imports accounted for about 3-8 years of stamping dies.

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