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Service life of stretch stamping parts
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Part of the straight wall of the stretching piece needs to be retained to install the instrument dial, while most of the scrap needs to be removed. The bottom plane of the drawing part is a cam for controlling the closing of a microswitch in the instrument. After calculation, it is considered that the straight wall of the parts is high and the convex curved edge forming process is not suitable.

The shape stress of the tensile part should be simple and symmetrical, the springback at the mouth should be allowed, and the side wall should be allowed to have the technological inclination. In general, the wall thickness of the tube wall has the phenomenon of upper thickness and lower thickness, if not allowed, it should be noted in order to take follow-up measures.

Besides the reasonable die structure, super-high manufacturing precision, good heat treatment effect and correct selection of punch and installation precision of drawing stamping parts, the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of the die can not be ignored.

1. Drawing stamping parts should be strictly inspected before installation and use, and remove dirt, carefully check whether the guide sleeve and die of drawing stamping parts are well lubricated.

2. Regularly inspect the turntable and mould mounting base of the punch to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.

3. Install the punch and die on the turntable according to the installation procedure of the die to ensure that the direction of the punch and punch is the same, especially the drawing stamping parts with direction requirements (non-circular and square) should be more careful to prevent assembly errors and backlash.

4. When the edge of punch and concave die of drawing stamping parts is worn out, it should stop using and grind in time. Otherwise, the wear degree of die edge will be enlarged rapidly, the wear of die will be accelerated, the quality of punching parts and the life of die will be reduced.

5. Stamping personnel should use softer metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make operating tools when installing dies, so as to prevent damage to stretching stamping parts during the process of installation.