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Instructions for use of automotive bulbs
- Oct 26, 2018 -

1. Respond to the phenomenon of light decay and actively replace the car bulb

With the use of the lights, the brightness of the bulb will gradually decrease. This normal physical phenomenon is called light decay. When the lights are dark, it is easy to cause an accident. Therefore, once the lights are darkened, they should be replaced in time. You can't wait until the broken ones change. Choosing a quality light bulb can delay color decay and extend service life, providing more protection for your driving safety. Please check the lights regularly. It is recommended that you replace the lamps in pairs every 20,000 kilometers.

2, choose a safe and effective car bulb

The color temperature determines the color of the light. The original matching lamp is basically yellow. Appropriately raise the color temperature to obtain more fashionable white light and a more comfortable driving experience, but the higher the color temperature, the better. If the color temperature exceeds 6000K, the light The penetrating power is reduced, which is not conducive to driving in rainy and foggy weather. Therefore, for your driving safety, you should choose a safe and effective color temperature car bulb.

3. The engine can be replaced after the engine has been turned off for 5 minutes.

Before replacing the car bulb, you need gloves and goggles. Use alcohol to wipe the fingerprint or grease on the outside of the lamp housing. Do not touch the glass surface of the lamp with bare hands to prevent the lamp from shortening due to fingerprints. The lamp should be commissioned after replacing the bulb to avoid glare.

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