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Self produced and used
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    All Tools Build In-house

    All the stamping and injection tools we use at INVITECH come from our own tool shop-This is the most important basis for the high quality of our products.Since all tools build in-house,we have greater flexibility in mold maintenance.It comes with huge benefit of lower cost and punctual delivery.
  • Mold technical team
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    Tools Development Team

    Our tools development team consists of more than forty employees:experienced,qualified and motivated.These employees have good educational background and outstanding ability. The mold development manager even have more than 37 years of experience in the industry. All these make our production process smoother.
  • Accuracy guarantee
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    Accuracy Guarantee

    The accuracy of tools is the basis of processing precision parts.The tools material we use is ASPPM die steel,and the tools accessories are Misumi standard parts. Swiss Charmilles slow wire, Makino EDM are for mold parts processing.German Zeiss CMM, high-precision Rockwell hardness tester are for mold parts quality inspection.
  • Automated assembly
    • We develop variety of automated assembly equipmentWe Develop Variety Of Automated Assembly EquipmentINVITECH develop automated equipment according to customer's product type.The equipment can be applied to whole processes of production process,including stamping,injection molding and assembly.Through automated equipment,we can control the stability and consistency of parts while realizing mass production.
    • Automation development teamAutomation Development Team We have an automation development team consists of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers,software engineers,and assembly engineers.Over the years, INVITECH has accumulated rich experience through developing variety of automated equipment.At INVITECH,fully automated production is possible.Higher production efficiency and stability, not only this, INVITECH will create more value for customers.
    Surface treatment

    For some particularly requirements of secondary process,INVITECH provide surface treatment services to achieve customers' special use purposes. At present, we can provide oil removing, polishing, electroplating (gold, silver, nickel, tin, zinc, etc.), anodizing and electrophoresis processing for precision parts.


    Laboratory testing equipment

    • 2.5D2.5D
    • projectorProjector
    • microscopeMicroscope
    • Hardness TesterHardness Tester

    Visual inspection equipment

    For the products with extremely high requirements,INVITECH has developed automated visual inspection equipment that enables a 100-percent examination.

    • Visual inspection equipment
    • Visual inspection equipment