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precision metal stamping
  • Custom Metal Stamping Service

    As a leading manufacturer of custom metal stamping service,INVITECH Stamping Company has started stamping service since 1985.We provide complex,high-quality metal stamping components for customers from all over the world.
    INVITECH Stamping Company brings value to customers through professional and honest service.This have earned us repeat customers across the aerospace, medical component, manufacturing, automotive, and home improvement fields.
  • precision metal stamping
  • Utilized Material and Equipment

    INVITECH Stamping Company has hundreds of different punch presses,the daily output reach 20 million precision parts.Our stamping capabilities allow us to produce parts ranging in thickness between 0.1 to 2MM.We can handle different metal materials including:
    ·Stainless Steel
    ·Low and High Carbon Steel
    ·Nickel Alloys
  • precision metal stamping
  • Progressive die stamping

    At INVITECH,we mainly utilize progressive die to do the custom metal stamping work,it’s the basis of high speed and consistency production.
    More benefits of progressive die stamping are:
    ·Faster production speeds
    ·Cost-effective manufacturing
    ·Reduction of scrap metal material
    ·Consistently close tolerances
    ·Produce numerous geometries in a single part
  • Processing range
    Material Thickness 0.1-2.0mm
    The advantages
    • Precision metal stamping
      High quality raw materials
      We use stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials to do the custom metal stamping work.Utilizing advanced technology and superior mold materials, we save raw materials by minimizing the tool parts.
    • Precision metal stamping
      Custom metal stamping experience
      We can design and manufacture various custom metal stamping parts, including connector terminals, shells, shrapnel, etc., and have accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of SUS301-EH material shrapnel.
    • Precision metal stamping
      Quality assurance
      For some metal stamping products with high quality requirements, we achieve no knife marks and no burrs in the conductive contact parts, and the product plug-in contact will be smoother.