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Precision metal insert molding
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    Precision Insert Molding

    We have realized full automation of metal parts loading and assembly in insert injection molding process. Various of metal insert injection molding can be manufactured at INVITECH while keeping low cost and high efficiency.
    We also produce all kinds of reel-to-reel pre-injection parts.
  • Precision Injection Molding
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    Plastic Injection Molding

    At INVITECH,we produce all kinds of precision plastic injection molding parts, and provide customized injection molding services such as double-shot molding, tricolor injection molding, and over molding.
  • Manufacturing Technology

    Mold design: We use needle valve injection and potential glue injection molding methods.Meanwhile,we develop and manufacture high-precision molds in our tools shop to control the product clamping line to 0.01mm.The plastic injection molding products at INVITECH can fully meets customers’ requirements.

    DOE verification:DOE verification is conducted before mass production to ensure that all parameters of the product are designed reasonably. We also introduced cavity pressure monitoring technology to produce high quality plastic injection molding products.

    Automation equipment: Through research, development and manufacturing of automation equipment, INVITECH has realized automated feeding and assembly, greatly improved stability and consistency of the mass production.

    Injection technology: Our technology can realize thin-wall injection molding, and the minimum thickness of manufactured products can reach 0.5mm; we use reel-to-reel injection molding process to greatly optimize the manufacturing process of electronic injection molded parts.For some products with special requirements, we also provide customized injection molding service such as double-shot molding, tricolor injection molding, and over molding.


    INVITECH is an IATF 16949 certified plastic injection moulding manufacturer with 36 years experience.Tools in INVITECH 100% come from our own tools shop.We provide the best quality injection molding parts to customers in Automotive, Medical, Electronic and Aerospace industries.

    Typical injection molding applications:

    • Connectors
    • Sensors
    • Switches
    • Mechanical assemblies
    • Gears