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  • Ironing process in multi-station transfer mold Ironing Process In Multi-station Transfer MoldThrough multi-station transfer mold, we produce ironing parts of various non-ferrous metal materials with uniform wall thickness and bright surface. It is more suitable for small batch customization because of the convenience for molds replacement.
  • Deep drawing process in high precision progressive die Deep Drawing Process In High Precision Progressive DieWe use progressive die to finish deep drawing, punching, rotary cutting, tapping, side punching, necking, flaring, and blanking in one mold.
Material thickness Finished product height Finished product diameter The minimum wall thickness of finished product
≤1.5mm ≤70mm ≤50mm 0.08mm
  • High product consistencyHigh Product Consistency
  • High production efficiencyHigh Production Efficiency
  • High material utilizationHigh Material Utilization