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Progressive Stamping Die—INVITECH Stamping Company

Progressive stamping dies are widely used in the stamping processing industry and can process various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper and other metal materials. INVITECH Precision—For 30 years, it has been committed to the customized processing of precision metal stamping parts. The main application of the production process is progressive die stamping. The progressive die has strict requirements on the thickness and width of the material. If the width is too large, the strip cannot enter the mold guide plate or the channel is not smooth; if the width is too small, it will affect the positioning accuracy and easily damage the front end, punch and other parts.

Progressive die stamping

The stamping progressive die has many advantages in the stamping process:

1. High production efficiency: punching, bending, punching and other processes, deep drawing can be completed at different positions of the same mold at the same time, work efficiency is higher than other types of molds, suitable for mass production processing

2. High product quality: the progressive die can complete the entire process in one positioning, so the stamping parts have high precision

3. Simple operation: high degree of automation in progressive die processing, low difficulty in operation

4. Improve labor productivity and equipment utilization: some complex small parts are difficult to produce without a progressive die

5. High safety: There is no need to touch the outside of the equipment during operation, which improves the safety of the operator

6. Long service life: the mechanism is relatively strong, can withstand various external forces, and can adapt to strict processing conditions well.