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Issues when the injection molding process is restarted

After the shutdown of injection molding process, if you want to restart, you need to deal with the following methods to avoid affecting the molding effect of the injection molding process during the temporary shutdown. INVITECH Precision—For more than 30 years, we have been engaged in precision injection molding customized services, and can customize various precision injection molded parts products according to customer requirements. Next, INVITECH Precision will introduce several issues that need to be paid attention to when the injection molding process is stopped and restarted.

injection molding process

The residual plastic should be sprayed several times or use other plastics to clean the residual plastic in the injection cylinder through the injection molding machine. If the plastic fades, increase the number of sprays during minor repairs.

Adjust the heater of the syringe barrel to a lower value to minimize the possibility of thermal decomposition.

Start after an overnight shutdown: After injecting the thermoplastic, if you shut down one night in advance, you only need to turn off the top slide and the fuel injection cylinder heater to spray the fuel injection cylinder clean. After cleaning all nozzles, the height of the spray cylinder should be as cool as possible. When the injection molding machine has completely cooled down, the equipment should be shut down and the injection molding machine is ready to reheat.