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​Seven problems in the quality of injection molding process

Injection molding is one of the important methods for producing plastic products, and it has been widely used in many industries. However, the injection molding process involves a lot of content. Carelessness may cause some defects and affect the progress of production and processing. Therefore, we should also pay attention to these defects when inspecting the quality of the injection molding process. INVITECH—For more than 30 years, we have been engaged in precision plastic injection molding processing, and can customize various complex precision plastic injection parts. Next, let's introduce what are the defects of injection molded parts.

injection molding process

1. Different color spots, impurities and plastic products are different in color, and the impurities mixed into the resin will be exposed on the surface of the resin

2. Gas wire: refers to the trace left by gas on the surface of the product. It is different from the background color and presents a bright color.

3. Collapse pit, due to the shrinkage of the material, the entire surface of the product collapses

4. Lack of material, mainly because part of it is not full

5. White spots are caused by internal stress, which produces white spots of different natural colors on the surface of the product.

6. Scratch refers to the phenomenon that the thin skin on the surface of the product adheres to the plastic surface due to friction.