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​Several common causes of bending during injection molding

At present, injection molding has been widely used. In the processing of plastic injection molding parts, some small problems often affect the effect of injection molding. Bending of plastic parts is one of the common problems in injection molding. So what is the main reason for this problem? INVITECH Precision—For more than 30 years, we have been engaged in the custom processing of precision plastic injection parts. Welcome to contact usfor inquiry!

injection molding parts

Mould problems:

1. Incorrect gate direction or insufficient quantity

2. Improper ejection position or uneven force on the finished product

Processing problems:

1. The temperature of the mold and the barrel is too high

2. The injection pressure is too high or the injection speed is too fast

3. The holding time is too long or the cooling time is too short

Finished product design:

1. Uneven wall thickness, sudden change or too small wall thickness

2. The finished product is in bad condition