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How to reduce the cost of stamping parts

Competition in the stamping industry is very fierce, and many stamping factories are competing for the market with a strategy of lowering prices. Without the price advantage, even if the product quality is good, few customers buy it. Therefore, for stamping parts manufacturers, reducing costs is a top priority. INVITECH—Dedicated to precision metal stamping for more than ten years, it has accumulated rich experience in customized processing of stamping parts. For stamping parts to reduce costs, we have some unique insights, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

stamping parts

1. Choose an ideal stamping process

Before producing metal stamping parts, it is necessary to develop and design a sound stamping process. Only a sound stamping process can ensure that there are fewer common faults and less waste in the specific processing process. In addition, it can further increase the production volume of the product.

2. Good stamping model

Metal stamping parts are immediately manufactured according to stamping die manufacturing, so it is important to ensure the quality of the model. Especially for mass-produced metal stamping parts, the quality of the model will affect the cost of metal stamping parts.

3. Choose automated production

Nowadays, the cost of metal stamping parts, especially relatively small electronic device stamping parts, is generally labor costs. Therefore, the implementation of stamping automation technology is the top priority.

4. Try to apply continuous mold production

In order to complete the stamping automation technology, the continuous stamping die must be applied. However, even if manual stamping is used, for some products, simple continuous molds should be used as much as possible.

5. Reasonable use of raw materials

For products with low regulations, you can make full use of waste production. For products with higher regulations, raw materials should also be fully utilized when designing a reasonable layout to reduce the proportion of consumption.

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