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What to pay attention to when processing aluminum stamping parts

Aluminum stamping part is a kind of stamping parts made of aluminum materials, which are also very common in life. When stamping plants produce aluminum stamping parts, they need to be familiar with the characteristics of aluminum materials and how to ensure that they avoid undesirable phenomena during the stamping process. Now, Invitech has summarized some matters needing attention in the production of aluminum stamping parts.

 What to pay attention to when processing aluminum stamping parts

1. The aluminum material is soft and easy to stick to the mold,so when designing the mold, leave enough gaps, leaving the gap to 10% of the thickness of the side material (straight edge of the blade),and the taper is 0.8-1 degrees;

2. As aluminum materials are brittle and easy to break, especially in the case of reverse folding, please try not to press the line. Even if you want to do this, the crimping wire should be wider and shallower;

3. When processing aluminum stamping parts, it is necessary to cut the cutting edge with a slow-speed steel wire to prevent burrs and blanking. Aluminum stamping parts are prone to high temperatures, so the hardness of the die used must be higher than 60 degrees, at least SKD11 material or higher;

4. If the stamping parts processing plant wants to handle the aluminum stamping parts well and reduce the defect rate,they must first clean them,including molds, punches,assembly lines and packaging materials,to ensure that they are free of dirt and sharp debris.

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