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Advantages of metal insert injection molding

Metal insert injection molding is a kind of parts in which the metal parts are pre-embedded in the mold,and then the plastic injection molding is heated. The application of metal insert injection molding is very wide, including automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace and so on. Invitech has been focusing on metal insert injection molding for more than ten years and has rich experience in the field of metal insert injection molding. Next, we will give you an analysis of the advantages of metal insert injection molding.

Advantages of metal insert injection molding

1. Adding metal inserts to the plastic can increase the strength of the plastic;

2. Insert injection molding increases product design flexibility and provides new possibilities for the combination of plastic, metal and other parts;

3. Avoid secondary processes such as hot melting,welding and riveting, which has the opportunity to shorten assembly time and cost;

4. Inserts can not only be metal,but also cloth, paper, wire, plastic, glass, wood, coils, electrical parts and plastic parts,etc.;

5. For rigid molded products and curved elastic molded products on rubber gaskets, after inserting injection molding on the substrate to make integrated products, the complicated operation of arranging the sealing ring can be omitted, making the automatic combination of subsequent processes easier.

Invitech is a professional manufacturer of precision metal stamping and metal insert molding. Our core technology team specializes in precision progressive die stamping and metal insert molding for more than 30 years.