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The appearance defects of metal stamping parts

After the metal stamping parts are produced and processed, the stamping processing plant must carry out quality inspections on the metal stamping parts, and can only deliver them after the inspection reaches the standard. The quality inspection of stamping parts is mainly appearance inspection, so how do you assess whether the appearance of a stamping part is defective? Invitech has focused on high-precision metal stamping parts customized production and processing service projects for many years. Next, We will introduce the defects of metal stamping part to you.

metal stamping parts

1.Discoloration of metal stamping parts: the background color or estimated color changes, or the color of the stamping part itself is inconsistent;

2.Rainbow effect: hot-dip galvanizing is likely to cause discoloration or "seven-color rainbow" effect;

3.When the stamping die parts are exposed to the air, chemical changes such as rust and air oxidation will occur;

4.Imprinting:due to scratches of sharp objects, pits will appear on the surface of metal stamping parts;

5.Because of the uneven thickness of the coating in the electroplating process, wavy or strip defects appear on the surface of the part;

6.The oil stains caused during the whole process of manufacturing stay on the surface of the stamping parts; (uncleaned)

7.All the dirt on the painted surface or the surface of the stamping parts, such as black spots, gravel,etc.;

8.Dent: Dent-like defects on the surface of metal stamping parts;

9.Forming impression: The production and processing impression produced by the molds on the surface of the stamping part during the production process.

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