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How to design metal stamping parts

Metal stamping parts are widely used in metal products, especially blanking parts and stretching parts. Generally speaking, the structural design and precision of stamping parts are very important, even a small error will lead to huge hidden trouble. Stamping parts manufacturers in the design must be stamping equipment, mold precision, production cost and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Below INVITECH will give you how to design a good stamping part.

metal stamping parts

1. When we design metal stamping parts, the shape must be simple and uncomplicated. If the shape of stamping parts is very complex, we can divide it into several small parts for separate processing, which can greatly reduce the production difficulty. 

2. The structural design of stamping parts is very important. We design products through molds, and the structure of molds determines the structure of stamping parts. Therefore, we must ensure its structural rationality and reduce the occurrence of waste. 

3. In order to ensure production efficiency, we should reduce the processing steps and simplify the production process as far as possible in the production of metal stamping parts, so as to ensure good production efficiency.

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