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Measures to prevent cracking of deep-drawn parts

With the trend of social development, stamping products have developed into all walks of life, so what is the cause of the wall cracks of metal deep-drawn parts? How to prevent it? INVITECH has been focusing on custom production and processing of precision metal wire drawing parts for 10 years and has accumulated rich experience. Let us tell you why!

 deep-drawn parts

Several reasons for wall cracks during stretching:

1. The tensile stress of the raw material during the deep drawing process should not be too large;

2. The rounded corners of the mold may be small.

3 Poor wettability during deep drawing;

4. The plastic deformation of the applied raw material is relatively poor.

5. It is related to the compressive strength of the force transmission area of the cylinder wall.

6. It is related to the tensile stress in the force transmission area of the cylinder wall.

7. When the tensile stress of the cylinder wall exceeds the compressive strength of the raw material of the cylinder wall, the drawn metal parts will break at the tangent line between the lower fillet and the cylinder wall circle.

Some preventive measures:

1. Reduce the width of the edging strip;

2. Slightly increase the fillet of the mold by half;

3. Appropriate use of lubricating fluid during production and processing;

4. Use raw materials with good plastic deformation or speed up the quenching process.

5. Improve the compressive strength of the cylinder wall according to the physical properties of the improved raw materials.

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