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Punching process in stamping parts processing

Stamping parts processing plant can produce and process metal stamping parts, stainless steel stamping parts, sheet metal stamping parts, etc. There are many processing processes for stamping parts, and each process has its own special processing characteristics. INVITECHE will tell you the principle of the punching process based on past experience:

tamping parts processing

Common punching plates are: stainless steel plate, copper plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, PVC plate, cold rolled coil, etc. The traditional method of stamping parts is to use punching dies to process through holes on the plate. There are many ways of punching, pipe punching, sheet punching and hydraulic punching.

1. Pipe punching and sheet punching have many similarities in deformation characteristics and deformation characteristics. However, since the tube is a hollow cylindrical blank, the wall of the tube contacting the male mold and the female mold during punching is isolated. It is not as flat as a flat plate, so special processing measures and mold structure are required.

2. As a new type of punching method, hydraulic punching can punch hollow parts and parts with bending axis, which has advantages that traditional processing technology can't match. In the entire stamping process of stamping parts, hydraulic stamping does not require dies. This has great advantages for handling parts that cannot be placed in the mold due to too small internal dimensions or bent shafts. At the same time, replacing laser cutting with hydraulic punching plays an important role in reducing the production cost of parts and improving production efficiency.

Parts formed by the hydroforming process have the advantages of saving materials, reducing costs and having good performance. With the extensive use of hydroformed parts. The processing method of part punching has attracted more and more attention from scholars at home and abroad. Because the tubular hydroformed parts are hollow, traditional processing methods cannot be used for stamping. Laser cutting is usually used for processing. Although good processing quality can be ensured, the equipment investment is expensive and is not conducive to reducing costs.

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