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Precautions for stainless steel deep drawing

Stainless steel deep drawing parts are one of many drawing parts used in many industries. In fact, the manufacturers of  deep drawing stainless steel parts are uneven, and the production level of many manufacturers is too low to meet customer requirements. As a manufacturer of stretched parts, we should improve our technical level.Now,the editor of INVITECH will introduce to you the precautions in the processing of stainless steel drawing parts.

deep drawing parts

The materials used to process stainless steel drawing parts are 430/201/301/304/316, etc. Each material has a better classification based on element content. For example, 201 materials are divided into low copper, medium copper and high copper, and the tensile strength is classified. Due to the high tensile strength of stainless steel, its tensile properties are lower than carbon steel, so it is higher than carbon steel in terms of drawing process.

In the processing of stainless steel drawn parts, first of all, it is necessary to ensure that the die is used for forming and processing, and secondly, the heat generated during the drawing process must be controlled and cooled in time. Generally, the upper and lower parts of the processed tensile member are applied and pulled. In special cases, some drawing oil can also be added to the bottom surface (that is, the contact surface between the drawing part and the mold), because most of the heat is generated on the mold during the drawing process for a single station Cooling method for mold processing. For continuous molds, an emulsifier can be placed between the material rack and the feeder to allow the material belt to slide through, or stretching oil can be applied to one side. Stretching oil can not only cool the mold, but also protect the mold, reduce mold wear and improve the surface finish of stretched parts.

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