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INVITECH offers a one-stop shop from mold design, parts production to global delivery. In the production of precision metal and plastic parts,
it has become a strategic partner of many well-known customers around the world due to its high reliability.

01 Mold and automation equipment are designed and manufactured by our experienced R&D team
02 The core team has more than 30 years of experience in the field of precision stamping and insert molding
03 Highly automated production equipment ensures maximum productivity and lowest cost
04 High consistent size of the components with millions of magnitude                                                                         
05 100% inspection with visual inspection equipment, "zero" defect as the ultimate goal      
06 Quick response, flexible production, exceeding customer expectations





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-- Advantage 1--

All of our progressive dies and plastic moulds are developed and produced by our own team.

-- Advantage 2 --

We implement 5S management, TPM equipment management and pass ISO TS16949 certification.

-- Advantage 3 --

We will provide comprehensive consulting services and customized development.

-- Advantage 4 --

We independently develop automated equipment to achieve maximum efficiency.